What Is a Fence?

A fence is a thin, human-constructed barrier that separates two pieces of land or the perimeter of a house. It is typically used to restrict movement and prevent access or entry across a boundary, but may also serve as a decorative element.

Fences have a long history, dating back to the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans. They were instrumental in land appropriation and domination-securing processes, and played an important role in the establishment of private property as a social and legal entity.

The earliest fencing was made of wood, but in the early centuries of Christian civilization, they were constructed from bricks and stones, which gave them a more substantial appearance. The word “fence” itself is derived from the Old English term “defens,” meaning “to defend” or “to protect.”

They were often used to create a physical division between a property owner’s territory and that of another person, as a form of domination-securing, or to divide the property of a group into different parts. In addition, fences were commonly erected to mark the boundaries of fields or pastures.

Fencing is regulated by law, depending on the location and purpose of use. The main considerations include height, material, setback and aesthetic issues.

There are many types of fencing, including stockade and wattle fences. Some are made of split branches, while others consist of finished wood planks that are attached to posts.

Some fences, such as wrought iron fences, are designed to be visually appealing. They are sometimes decorated with lattice or trellis, which is a design feature that consists of criss-crossing planks to create an open grid pattern.

Other types of fences include barbed wire, razor wire, chain link and wrought iron panels. In some cases, they are designed to be fireproof.

They may be installed by contractors or homeowners, but the contractor must ensure that he or she complies with all local laws and regulations before starting construction. The best fence company in Houston will follow these guidelines to ensure the safety of both his or her workers and the public.

The first step in building a fence is to determine the specific purposes for which you’re installing it. You may want to install it for privacy or to keep pets in the yard, and you’ll need to consider the style of fence that best suits those needs.

You may choose to build a wood fence, a metal or wrought iron fence, or a composite fence made of plastic, fiberglass, or other materials. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, and each requires different building techniques.

Adding a fence to your home is a great way to increase its value, add a decorative feature to your property, or even create a new space for your family. It can be a rewarding project, but you should know the basics of fence construction before getting started to avoid any unexpected problems.

Before you begin your project, make sure you have the proper permits from your local building department. This will help you avoid any costly fines or penalties later on down the line.